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Get Ready to Food Truck Rumble

Food Truck Rumble returns to the Perth Cultural Centre

Perth Food Truck Rumble (FTR) returns to the Cultural Centre in the city on 26 March from 11am-8pm, offering what the organisers claim to be “the best choice of street food in Perth.”

The event, in its fourth year, will have 30 different food trucks all offering “unique street style food” from burgers to gluten free waffle cones.

Ai-Ling Truong, FTR’s organiser is hoping to make this years rumble the best so far by involving the best and most innovative food trucks Perth has to offer.

“The Food Truck Rumble is about celebrating the street food scene,” Ms Truong told ECU Daily.

“We don’t want food trucks that are just doing average food.

“We want to showcase and celebrate the people that do really great things, those that are doing new and innovative food.”

Ms Truong has added a “new twist” to the 2017 rumble that she believes will excite food goers.

“This year each food truck has to provide a ‘exclusive rumble dish,” said Ms Truong

“They might have four or five menu items, but we want one of them to be exclusive so that the visitors are getting something they wouldn’t get at any other food truck.”

There will be a huge variety of different food trucks at the event, with Banana Leaf offering Filipino cuisine, Rancho Sombrero offering Texas-Mexican, and Pash serving frozen yoghurt just to name a few.

The event won’t just be all food though, with live entertainment also being offered to keep the food goers entertained.

A break-dance competition will also be held at the Cultural Centre amphitheatre, which Ms Truong believes is “the biggest competition for break-dance in Perth.”

“Because of the nature of the festival and the people it draws it just becomes a really big party event,” Ms Truong said.

“We love the idea of bringing street food and street dance together, because they both emerged from the streets.”

For those that don’t like dancing there will also be a live music stage, showcasing and celebrating local music acts from across Perth.

This years FTR might have to fight off competition from other food festivals throughout Perth, with the Night Noodle Markets being held on the same day at Elizabeth Quay.

“At the end of the day, there is always competition whether you are an event, restaurant or a bar,” said Ms Truong.

“The important thing is looking at how we can make our event more exciting and different.

“We want people to come eat, hang out and be able to socialise with friends.”

Food Truck Rumble will be held on Sunday, 26 March at the Perth Cultural Centre next to the Western Australian Museum.

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