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'Optus' backtrack on EPL pricing in Australia

The Australian Mobile Carrier has re-adjusted it's pricing for the 2016/17 EPL season

Back in April I reported that Australian telecommunication giant Optus had separated the Australian football community with their plans for the 2016/17 Premier League season. Today the Singapore owned telco announced new improved pricing plans which allow a great majority of their users to get EPL content.

Originally if you weren’t on a ‘selected plan’ of which there were 5 including one SIM only plan, you weren’t able to watch the EPL. Now any Optus customer on a SIM only plan over $35 or on a 12 month contract over $30 will have access to the EPL for FREE for the first season assuming they register for the service before July 31st. After this the service will be $15 a month for the following season or anyone who doesn’t register in time for this season. On top of this it will be Data Free streaming.

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Whilst this doesn’t help those that aren’t with Optus especially with Optus stating “Access to Australia’s most comprehensive Premier League experience is exclusive to Optus customers, and there’s a viewing option to suit everyone”, it helps Optus customers like myself who were previously told that we had to move to more inferior plans to use the service.

For those that aren’t with Optus that want to watch the EPL and have their own phones using BYO plans it is worth looking at some of the plans Optus offer. For example I pay $40 a month for 7gb of Data, Unlimited text and calls and now EPL, a good deal in comparison to other companies at the moment. Whilst this plan is no longer available I am sure they will be offering other worthwhile plans.

On top of the new EPL pricing Optus have also announced that mobile customers may be able to stream the service to their tv’s through YES TV  for $5 extra a month. Whilst it isn’t yet clear if this is for the box or just for the ability to stream the service it sounds like a good deal, especially if it is through the box which will allow you to record and rewind through tv and sport.

Eligible customers will be able to register through an email they should receive today, whilst new customers can register when they sign up for new plans. Android users will be able to watch previous EPL games through the app which is already on the market place, whilst Apple users will have to wait for the app to be approved.

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