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Power your device with the power of movement with 'Ampy'

Run, Walk, Power your device - with Ampy

Over the years we have seen many different ways to charge our smartphone devices. First we had the regular plug, then we had portable power devices, and we are just discovering wireless power technology. Earlier today though, I discovered a new way altogether that doesn’t require you to plug it into a wall — a way that is unusual — but at the same time genius and something that has been in use for a while now.

This new device will allow you to power your smart devices using the power of movement. The term automatic power has been in use since the invention of Bumper Wristwatches back in 1923 where your arm movement would be used to power the watch and the clockwork. Now the movement of your arm is more than enough to power anything a mechanical watch would require, but a smartphone, that’s a different story.

According to Ampy, “the average active person generates enough energy from everyday motion to power a smartphone for three hours”. So the tricky thing was to be able to transform this energy into a type of power which could be used with our devices. That is what the guys and gals at Ampy have been able to do with the introduction of the “AMPY MOVE”.As we have discovered movement can power our devices, Ampy Move takes that energy and puts it into its device which can then be used to power a smartphone.

An hour of exercise gives the device enough power to give your smartphone another hour of life through normal use, in standby mode it can supply up to 5 hours of power, and for smartwatches up to 24 hours of battery. You don’t have to be running around to power Ampy, the device is capable of charging from walking, cycling and any other type of human movement too. The device is also advertised as being able to recharge your device as fast as a wall outlet.

Ampy hasn’t been developed to be used as a substitute to regular charging, instead it’s a way to add extra power to your devices without having to remember to plug the portable battery in. If you do want to use it as a portable battery for traveling you can charge it from the wall. No-one wants to see a lunatic running up and down a plane isle because they need to charge their devices. Ampy Move has a 1600 mAh battery and is capable of charging anything that has a USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 plug, so lightning cords and micro-USB cords will work with the product.

Ampy Move has yet to be released, but the developers are allowing people to test the companion app which will allow users to monitor: energy generated, calories burned, and amount of battery left on your smartphone and smartwatch.

The device is listed as shipping fall this year, and can be pre-ordered from the GetAmpysite for $99 or $129 with an accessory kit.

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